Writer, Retreat!

So you may have noticed that I missed my post last Monday…or maybe I’m just dreaming you pay that much attention! First off, apologies for missing my post. I was on a retreat with some fellow pastors in Payson, Arizona, a beautiful wooded, highland part of Arizona that would make you question if you were really in a state famous for deserts. When we took off north from Phoenix into the highlands, I was confident I’d be able to use the downtime to write my post in the evening. But to my surprise the cabin didn’t have Internet access. In fact it didn’t even have phone reception! So, I couldn’t even type out my post on the infinitely frustrating touch keyboard of my iPhone.

In the end, it turns out the forced fast from technology was a blessing in disguise. It’s been a long time since I’ve been completely disconnected, and I’d almost completely forgot what it felt like.

So, what I’m not going to do here is belabor a simple point, which is this: Get away from technology. Take a day or two to refocus. Reconnect with your soul.

You’ll thank me for it. It will make you a better writer.


See you next week.