Who Knew Ghosts Were Such a Scream?

As a ghostwriter, I take every job I get seriously. But it’s also important to have a sense of humor, and that’s why I’m a huge fan of the theater sensation that’s sweeping the nation.

“Celebrity Autobiography: In Their Own Words” is a show in which comedians read from and act out the autobiographies of famous people—to raucous laughter from the audience.

The show appears monthly at the Triad Theater in New York City, and upcoming tour stops include New Orleans, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Austin, Green Bay, and Mesa, Arizona. I can’t wait to see it live!

The brainchild of writer, producer, and actor Eugene Pack, Celebrity Autobiography has been running for three years to sold-out crowds.

Pack got his inspiration from listening to books on tape. “I…was astounded at what people would write about,” he says. “If I got a hold of one of the books, I’d read it out loud to a friend, and they’d insist I was making it up…but people actually wrote these words. I thought that putting the material up in front of an audience would be extremely entertaining.”

He was right about that, but wrong about one thing. The words don’t always belong to the celebrities…Many times they come from ghosts like us.

Let us know if any of your books have been lampooned by Celebrity Autobiography.

[Photo by: futureshape]