How Ghosts Can Help You Scare Up New Business.

The most successful businesses today are learning that putting more information out there gives them more credibility.

With the advent of ebooks, self-publishing, online marketing, and social media, people are learning the importance of being heard, followed, friended, and fanned.

But researching and crafting compelling content are time-consuming tasks, compounded by a very important fact:

Most people can’t write!

Thankfully, there’s a solution: Ghostwriting. Hiring someone to find your voice and help you speak your mind — on blogs, in articles, speeches, and marketing materials, and, of course, in books — with a single goal of giving you the kind of street cred that catapults you to the top of your field.

This blog, written by actual, living ghosts, is dedicated to the legions of writers behind the entrepreneurs, gurus, thinkers and business leaders who have something to say and want to say it well.

If you’re a ghostwriter, you’ll find lots of information to get better at your craft and build your business. Tips, quips, and laments: All of them can be found here.

And if you’re in the market for a writer, we’ll tell you what to look for, what to avoid, how to open up, and how to work with a ghost so that the line between the two of you is virtually undistinguishable.

About Jake Johnson

MTP_7064Jake Johnson is the founder of Elevate Consulting, a communications firm that specializes in copywriting, ghostwriting, editing, and conceptualization.

A professional ghostwriter, Jake has worked with numerous clients to produce top-notch publications ranging from business plans to New York Times bestsellers.

His latest book is Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money, which he edited for Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. The book reached #4 on the New York Times Bestseller List and was awarded a coveted Red Star by Publisher’s Weekly.

In addition to his work in publishing, Jake has over ten years of experience in high-level management and acquisitions. This exquisite balance of art and business lends to Jake’s uniqueness in the industry.

Jake holds a degree in English Literature from Cornell University.

Visit www.elevatecompany.net to learn more about how Jake can help your writing project succeed.

About Joey Robert Parks

Joey Robert Parks possess a knack for gleaning the most pertinent, authentic and interesting aspects about a person. His own writing voice – colorful and well-researched, frequently weaving together historical facts with an actual sensory experience – evaporates when challenged with translating a client’s verbal conversations into a writing style that is instantly recognizable by even the client’s close friends. This ability to slip effortlessly between writing voices naturally produces fruit in other genres like feature profiles, editing, promotion and fiction.

It’s not hard to understand why he’s since been hired to ghostwrite more than a dozen books for clients like George Benson’s fashion designer & stylist, Remy Toh, a millionaire mortgage broker, a multi-millionaire philanthropist; a woman diagnosed with terminal spinal cancer, a 39-year old recovering alcoholic, and even another ghostwriter.

Of all the characteristics wordsmith Joey Robert Parks embodies, two in particular resonate throughout: an amazing enthusiasm that makes working with him fun and a skill that is very rare indeed – he can take complex ideas and communicate them to the reader in a way that makes perfect sense the first time through.

He reveled at rhyming song lyrics in grade-school; was seduced by sight-reading improvisational jazz trombone compositions in high-school; discovered the power of short stories at Northern Arizona University; flew solo to New Zealand for a summer’s worth of screenplay research; published his first fiction novel, did reading upon his return; crafted a culinary murder-mystery for a world-famous butler/chef; and was commissioned by a Phoenix resort to write an interactive dinner-theater stage-play. His most recent innovation, 26 Blocks, is not a ghostwriting project at all, but a first-of-its-kind art project he created, co-produced and organized. 26 Blocks teams 26 of the best writers and 26 of the best photographers in Phoenix, tasks them with writing and photographing the unique aspects of 26 city blocks in downtown Phoenix, and unveils the results to the public in a large format art show that tours Phoenix, May – December 2010.

Step up to www.joeyrobertparks.com

About Ed Sweet

edsweet_headshotEd Sweet began his advertising career in 1991, when he won the “Write if You Want Work” copywriting contest sponsored by JWT’s Chicago office.


He developed an excellent reputation as a radio and brochure writer, before leaving the Windy City two years later to work for a growing Boston agency called Bronner Slosberg Humphrey (BSH).

At BSH, which has since evolved into the giant agency Digitas, Ed gained valuable experience in direct response advertising. He has worked in the online and offline worlds for clients such as American Express, AT&T, American Century Investments, and FedEx.

Today, Ed still freelances for Digitas on a regular basis from his office in Phoenix, Arizona. He also works for numerous design firms and direct clients.

Over the years, Ed has also written or ghostwritten four books. His most recent work of nonfiction, Hard Work: Success Made Easy, was named “Best Business Book” at the 2005 San Diego Book Awards. His feature film, How To Become Famous, made the festival circuit in 2001. And his side venture, Sweet’s Brand, Inc. (cocktailkick.com), is giving people a new way to Get the Party Tarted.

Ed received an A.B. Degree, with honors, in Urban Studies from Brown University. His thesis on the benefits of city-sponsored festivals won the Gaston Prize.

For more information, please visit edwardsweet.com.